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About Us

Headquartered in Delhi-NCR, is a brand dedicated to elating the looks and feel of your home through your imagination and our product line. We have a comprehensive product line from wall clocks, wall decorations, imaginative mirrors, lamps, creative furniture etc. We will constantly evolve ourselves with changing times and changing customer needs, in that sense we are an evolving organization. We believe in our customers and have a firm faith that a home can look beautiful with minimum expenses through carefully curated designs at our end and thoughtful interior job at your end.
At we are a dedicated team of technology experts with collective experience of more than 50 years. We are backed by IIM alumnus as our founding member. We have a strong ground team that executes operations with ample energy and excitement.

Luxury made affordable
In line with our policy of luxury made affordable, we optimize our operations in our product lines to ensure our products give a sense of luxury and yet are cost efficient. Quality remains at core of our customer experience. A combination of men and machines helps us achieve what we promise.

Why Us?
Simply because you will love us for our dealings with you. We listen to you and that helps us bring to you products that are close to your needs. Apart from that we are also:

  • Innovative
  • Ethical
  • Evolving
  • Quick Learner
The Shrine - Kedarnath Temple Canvas Wall Painting

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The Shrine - Kedarnath Temple Canvas Wall Painting

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