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Style : Framed Paintings
Brand: Homeshobha
Painting On: Canvas
Frame: Wooden Frame with MDF support behind Canvas
Shape: Square/Rectangle
Mounting: Wall

Here we can see Buddha in his famous meditating position. Meditation can also reduce pain and stress while improving your mental health. Mindfulness, relaxation, and clarity are just some of the benefits that accompany a basic meditation practice. the calmness on the face of buddha is infectious. You get calm on seeing this buddha image. this image inspires you to follow the path of meditation to lead a life of bliss and inner hapiness. Meditation can provoke profound realization and can also cut through unhelpful misconceptions and encourage a more open, compassionate relationship with yourself.

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The Shrine - Kedarnath Temple Canvas Wall Painting

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The Shrine - Kedarnath Temple Canvas Wall Painting

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